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Slot machines – from cradle to grave

Slot machines in both online and classic form are an attraction for thousands of gamblers, who tempt their fate every day and try to win fabulous amounts of money, which are in the machine. They are called Slots for short and are becoming so popular, that some casinos even dedicate whole rooms for them Let’s look at the Foxwood company in Connecticut, where there are 7,000 machines at one place and they are planning an expansion for the future. On these connected virtual terminals you can get your hands on some really nice cash. Jackpots are rising as high as much you might not even yearn for.

The big allurement nowadays is used by both classic casinos and their branch online versions. You can play there for free or for a minimal deposit, which is usally set to only a few cents. It’s the most widespread hazard tool in casinos all over the world. Also, its maintenance is very cheap.

There is no need for croupier or any other employees and you don’t have to care about difficult strategies while playing. Just pick your favourite machine and attempt to earn on of the many attractive prizes. But where do slots come from? Who is the person behind their creation and where did the idea that slots would make a good entertainment come from?

The first machines known

Should we talk about the classic solid slot machines, let’s go back in time to the 20th century and talk about Mr. August Fey, a German immigrant. Into his head popped the idea of playing machine, a solid box with three rotating cylinders, which he first presented in San Francisco. Machine featured various symbols including the known bells. When the player got a combo of three of these, he won the main prize. This concept has quickly spread all over the world and not very long after that, these machines became a great hit. At first, the prize wasn’t money but item prizes. The monetary prizes came as late as in 1931 and it didn’t bring any inovative element to hazard games after its legalization in 30’s in Nevada. In the year 1961 a Bally’s company appeared and remade the classic mechanic cylinders into more modern, electromagnetic way.

The first slot machine

Notable clones of classic machines came to the market fairly late after the arrival of the first machine in San Francisco. It happened at the turn between 70’s and 80’s. It was all because of the new technology based on chips, which was first used by legendary Walt Fraley. That was an outbreak of tempted players, who desired to try it out. With modern technology, there was an opportunity to apply progressive Jackpot into digital slot machines. Up to that time, it was something even beyond imagination. This was first implemented by IGT company, which produces slot machines up to this date. Their first machine offering a progressive Jackpot was named Megabuck and it set the way hazard went along since then.

Present time

Nowadays, potentional player can be completely satisfied. Charming graphics have taken place of old monotone machines and there are much more different prizes compared to the past. Vast amount of symbols and various special games in bonus mode provide the genuine atmosphere. Many machines today have their storyline and player feels like immersed in a fabulous adventure. Of course, there are still classic pulling machines, which are providing a pleasant nostalgic feeling, but not everyone has the chance to visist such a place. Convenience and quick pace are the main criteria of actual players and there’s so much to choose from on the internet.

Division by number of cylinders

If you are completely new to the world of hazard games and are making small steps to its pleasures, then it’s good to know, that there are machines and machines. There are several types of slot machines to be found around and every has it’s own pros. You just need to know how to tell them apart.

3-reel slots, classic slots, reel slots – this is a classic type of machine, clad in pleasant new digital box. It’s contains three cylinders with five winning lines. It has unique interface in a traditional oldschool style. Don’t let that old looking visage decieve you, in all nowly designed machines of this type there has been implemented many modern technologies, which deepen the games enjoyment.

5-reel slots, video slots – Are more modern compared to the previous kind. They appear elegant even at the first sight. You will find here not thrre, but right five cylinders and they are very similar to modern flat screen design. Bet winning rows have been added and the interface has been generally improved.

Fruit slots – This is a kind of well-known classic old English slot machines improved to their perfection. In most of the cases, you can find Hold button, which allows you to stop individual cylinders as you wish, on these machines.

Divison by the redeeming method

Multiplier – If you don’t plan to play with bets higher than few cents per spin, Multiplier is a great choice for you, because you are not penalized in any way for the absence of MAX BET. Prizes differ olny according to the bet amount, other rules are always the same while playing and for all players regardless of the amount bet.

Bonus Multiplier – The function is completely the same as in classic Multiplier, however, if you get Jacpot or MAX BET, you win multiple bonus.

Dívka se zvednutým palcem

Multiple Payline – here you can find more winning lines. The number of activated lines is related to the money bet, so it may happen to you that you will get a line you haven’t bet on and so the prize doesn’t pay off.

Buy Pay – Here every amount has its specific structure. You buy the prizes. You need MAX BET to reach the Jackpot.
For example, the machine pays out for cherries, bars and sevens, if you want to reach the prize of 1000, you have to play with 3 coins.
In the case of betting one coin you will only get paid for cherries, with double coin also for bars and with tripple coin for all three symbols, easy, right? It also pays off to play only with MAX BET set.
Progressive slots – From every bet made a slight amount is transfered to the main Jackpot. Machines are atumatically connected from all casinos and thanks to that, the Jackpot climbs up to astronomical height to the advantage of every player. The more you bet, the bigger chance to win a big prize you have, so it also pays off to choose MAX BET

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Free slot machines are a novelty

Boom Brothers slot machine

Free Spins
3 and more Free Spins symbols will start the known function of spinning for free with the amount you bet last round. Every Free Spins symbol conceals one of the numbers, which will show themselves. The sum of these three numbers determines the number of free spins. In Free Spins mode are all wins threefold, except for Bonus symbols and Railtrack function. If you get another Free Spins symbols, you will recieve another free spin for each.

Railtrack function
When you get 3 Railtrack symbols in the active line, on your first three cylinders, you can look forward to the special Railtrack function. On the place of the special symbols a railroad will appear and the last, the fourth and the fifth, cylinder will spin again. Your task is to complete the railroad so the knockers can get to the bonus game. In the case of succes you get four times the amount you bet and enter the attractive bonus game. In the case of one piece missing, you win three times the bet and the function comes to it’s end. If you lack both pieces, you will get the double and the game ends the same way it did in the previous case.

Bonus game
In this games there will be three dwarfs with their minecarts. Eeach of them tries to break the stone head as first. The winner will recieve great fortune, such as gems, golden coins and bonus coins. Under the prepared railroad there will appear three carts. Choose one of them. If you have luck, you will find great fortune in it and the opportunity to proceed a few steps forward, at most by three. The stone head is 5 steps awat. Reach it and reach the fame.
Detailed settings options
In Boom Brothers you can mend disrepancies using the settings to which the key icon leads. Change the settings of graphics, sound effects or additional sounds of underground complex environment. In any case, we wish you good luck and lots of joy while searching for the treasure.

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